Central PA Local Section


The following committees have at least some members.  Anyone interested in joining a committee should contact the chair.

Committee                                                        Chair

Whitmore Lecture                                              Dan Sykes

Awards                                                              Paul Schettler

Education                                                          Peter Baran

National Chemistry Week/Earth Day               Lori Stepan

Newsletter Editor                                               Kevin Range

Program Chair                                                   

Webmaster                                                       Lori Stepan

Women Chemists                                              Jackie Dumm

Elections                                                            Lori Stepan

Environment                                                     Mary Carol Frier

Graduate Student Relations                            

Speaker Planning                                              

Past Chairs: Frank Dorman, Jackie Bortiatynski, Peter Baran, John Unger

The following committees have no members.  Volunteers eagerly sought!!

Government Affairs                                                     

Long Range Planning


Minority Affairs

Professional Relations

Public Relations



Any other committee you think we should have!