Central PA Local Section

Responsibilities of Officers



Term:  1 year, followed by 1 year as Chair and one as past Chair.

Responsibilities:  Attend training meeting in January.  Schedule programming for your year as chair.  Wide latitude, but lots of help available.  Long list of ACS tour speakers, plus new one-time speakers.  For normal tour speakers, must coordinate with nearby local sections.  Take over if Chair becomes unable to serve.

Benefits:  Huge networking, training opportunity.  Meeting in January includes all the ACS bigwigs:  past, present and future presidents, CEO, chair of the board, committee chairs.  Plus about 200 upcoming ACS leaders, including about 150 incoming local section chairs, and incoming committee chairs, YCC members and regional meeting chairs.  They teach you how to get others to do what you want, selecting, motivating, rewarding volunteers.  Service goes on your resume, helps in promotion decisions.  If interested, lots of opportunity for moving up in ACS. 


Term:  Term:  1 year, followed by 1 year as past Chair.

Responsibilities:  Run executive committee meetings, about two per year.  Run local section meetings, about five per year.  This usually means determining when and where each meeting will be and who will be the local organizer.  Write meeting notices and distribute to members.  Help speakers make travel arrangements.  Introduce each speaker.  Find next year’s chair elect, run elections.


Past Chair

Term: 1 year.

Responsibilities: Attend EC meetings, fill out annual report.


Term: Unspecified

Responsibilities: Maintain section funds, write checks and track budget, control investment of endowment.

Benefits: Eternal gratitude of Executive Committee.


Term: Three years renewable

Responsibilities: Attend all ACS meetings.  Join some committee, contribute.

Benefits: Big time networking.  If interested, opportunities for advancement in ACS system.  Free trips to all ACS meetings.


Alternate Councillor

Term: Three years renewable

Responsibilities: Attend ACS meetings when councilor cannot.  Join some committee, contribute.

Benefits: Networking.  If interested, opportunities for advancement in ACS system.  Free trips to some ACS meetings.



Term:  By appointment, indefinite

Responsibilities:  Maintain web site.  Mostly, this involves updating the officers list after each election and posting information about upcoming meetings, in response to the section chair’s instructions.

Benefits: Pride in a job well done.

Government Affairs Committee (GAC) – Chair

Description of position:

The GAC for each Local Section of the ACS is the leader for science policy awareness and activities in the Local Section.  These can range from writing letters about local issues for the Section to inviting policy makers to Local Section meetings to talk about how their work improves the condition of a science issue.  This type of interaction aims to foster respect and understanding between policy makers and scientists as well as to increase awareness of policy makers to issues which concern scientists, particularly those of the Local Section.  The training for this position is offered in November by the National ACS, and all expenses are paid by them for this training.


                Promote policy awareness to members of the Local Section

                Increase understanding of policy makers to science issues

                                Write letters to government leaders

                                Invite government leaders to local meetings

                Lead discussions of science issues with members of sections

                                Select issues relevant to members of Local Section

                                Report these thoughts to Local Section and policy makers

                Interaction with Pennsylvania State GAC

                                Conference calls

                                Attendance of statewide events and events at National Meetings

                Increase size of GAC by recruiting other members to participate

Time Commitment:

                2 hours per month – Executive Committee meetings

                1 hour every other month – Conference calls with National ACS

                1 – 10 hours per month – GAC activities and meetings


                Awareness of science issues and how they affect a scientist’s life

                Networking with National ACS and Pennsylvania State GAC

                Promoting understanding between policy makers and Local Section members